For Commercial and Industrial Investments – where innovation meets excellence. Step into a world of dynamic trade, and manufacturing solutions. Join us on a journey of growth, quality, and commitment.

About Us

Welcome to United Egypt for Commercial and Industrial Investments, a powerhouse in the realm of trade, distribution, and marketing in Egypt.

Established in 1989 as Al-Badrawy Company, we transformed into United Egypt for Commercial and Industrial Investments in 2001. Our comprehensive activities span import, export, commercial agencies, trade, distribution, marketing, and exhibitions.


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Quality & Commitment

Sustainable Practices

Implement eco-friendly and sustainable practices across operations, contributing to environmental stewardship.

Customer Satisfaction

Achieve and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction through superior product quality, efficient services, and responsive customer support.

Strategic Partnerships

Form strategic partnerships with key suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors to secure exclusive rights and ensure a diverse product portfolio.

Distribution Network Expansion

Expand the network of branches and agents nationwide, enhancing the reach and efficiency of product distribution.

Manufacturing Capacity Enhancement

Invest in technology and infrastructure to increase manufacturing capabilities, meeting growing market demands.

Exporting Products

The company is one of the largest entities operating in the field of trade, distribution, and marketing in Egypt. It has obtained exclusive distribution rights for numerous companies and factories in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Some of the notable companies include :

For export inquiries, contact us at
 exports@unitedegyptonline.com or call +201121154400.

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